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  I love ALL cars and everything about them, if I were rich I would have about 20 cars in my garage.  Below are some of my favorite car related Web sites including mine Gretoville Autos:


Car Reviews

Cars - 4 - Sale

Car Parts


  MotorWeek   Kern Autos   SportWing

  J.D. Power

  Auto Trader   JC Whitney

  MSN CarPoint

  Cars For Sale   ProCar Parts

  Kelly Blue Book

  Collector Cars   Erebuni Corp
  Consumer Guide   Find a Dealership   Summit Racing
  Detroit Free Press   Corvettes For Sale   Customized Dashes




bullet Edmunds
bullet Gretoville Autos
bullet Consumer Guide





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Investing and Money - I've recently started investing. Below are some great site about managing your money and investing.  Check out my home page Gretoville Investing:




My Investing Interests

Investing News

Stock Information

  MetLife   Fool   NASDAQ
  Olstein Funds   Forbes   Hoovers
  Publix Supermarkets   The Street   Big Charts
  Exchange Traded Funds   CNN Money   Bloomberg
       ETF Heatmap   MSN MoneyCentral   Morning Star
  Sun Microsystems Inc   The Fucked Company   Yahoo Finance
  Intersil   Nightly Business Report   Investor's Business Daily
    Market Watch   Talking Stocks



Space Web Page Updates






 2005-06 Schedule | Team News | Magic Timeline

  2005-06 Schedule | Team News | Knights Timeline

Sports, Sports and more Sports - As you can see I am a fan of most Florida teams...what do you expect this is where I live.  I enjoy watching the UCF Golden Knights trying to make it to the top of There Conference this year.  The Bucs trying to Make it to the Playoffs.  The Devil Rays, hopefully they will have one good year sometime in the near future.  You can't forget the Magic, my girlfriend and I love this team.  We attend about 5-6 games a year and hopefully this year they make it out of the First round of the playoffs.  There is much more sports inside and it is updated daily.  Gretoville Sports:

NBA Playoff 03'

UCF's 1st Home Game

  2005-06 Schedule | Team News | Buccaneers Timeline

 2004-05 Schedule | Team News | Devilrays Timeline



  I'm a big fan of traveling.  I love traveling around the different part of the United States and the rest of the world.  Below are great travel sites for booking tickets, or just to find out information on your destination.

Fun Destinations

Air-Fares U.S.A.

Hotel Information

Las Vegas Things to Do

Aladdin Casino Hotel

American West

 Orbitz  Orbitz was designed with the traveler in mind, and gives you access to what we think is the largest selection anywhere of low fares and rates on airline tickets, rental cars, hotels, vacation packages, and other travel products.
 Hotel Guide
Ticket Master Events

Hoover Dam & Grand Canyon Tours


 Fly Cheap  1-800-FLY-CHEAP Large (250,000 tickets annually) San Diego-based firm claiming to offer savings of $30 to $150 on most advance-purchase tickets. There is a flat $6.95 charge for all Internet bookings (included in the price quoted). A subsidiary of industry giant The Travel Company.
 Cheap Tickets  Although mostly selling domestic tickets, this giant among air consolidators can cut the price of an advance-fare ticket practically anywhere in the world by 15 to 25 percent, very often more.
Home Prices
 Travelocity  Travelocity, continues to be the most popular travel service on the Web, giving consumers access to hundreds of airlines, and thousands of hotels.
Mann Theatres
 Air Discounts  Seller since 1995 of discounted domestic airfares priced—it claims—at 25% below published rates. Can obtain tickets as late as two days before departure.
Cheap Seats Travel  A primarily domestic specialist that offers discounted prices for any American Airlines fare—even international ones. The firm also works with several smaller upstart carriers, offering discounts of around 20% off published prices.


     Discount Hotels

     Gretoville Travel


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